Celia Harrison, M.D.
Sweetwater Hospital Association
Emergency Room
304 Wright Street
Sweetwater, TN 37874
Telephone (865) 213-8510
Fax:(865) 213-8420

Specialty: Industrial Medicine: The branch of medicine dealing with workers’ health and the prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries in the workplace.

Specialty: Emergency Medicine: Emergency physicians provide medical treatment to patients requiring acute and life-saving care. They must have a medical degree, complete a residency and obtain the proper licensing and credentialing. Emergency medicine physicians often treat patients who have life-threatening conditions. Their primary job functions are to resuscitate and stabilize patients and transition care to an appropriate endpoint whether that be the ICU, general inpatient bed, another provider, another hospital, or home. For this reason, emergency physicians often work as part of a team, with physicians of other specialties and other members of the emergency department staff. Emergency physicians must evaluate a wide variety of ailments, sometimes with little to no information. They must be able to think and act quickly to make a tentative diagnosis and determine the appropriate course of treatment.