The Hospital has private and semi-private rooms, which are assigned according to the patient’s medical needs and preference as far as possible. Every effort shall be made to satisfy your request.

Consent and Release Forms

Permits for treatment and / or surgical procedures must be signed by the patient or the patient’s next of kin or legal guardian.

Fire and Disaster Drills

The Hospital periodically conducts fire and safety drills to test the efficiency of the staff. Do not be alarmed by the sounding of the alarm system during these drills. The nurse will instruct you as to what action is necessary.

Financial Arrangements

Financial arrangements will be discussed with you or your family when you are admitted. If you have hospitalization insurance, you will be asked to present your identification card at the time of admission.

Hospital Charges

Daily room charges include 24 hour nursing care, bedside meal service, between meal nourishment, housekeeping, linens, gowns and pajamas if desired, processing of your insurance forms, telephones, television and maintenance of your medical records.

Not included in this charge are such items as x-ray and other diagnostic studies, operating room, oxygen, blood transfusions, anesthetics, drugs, respiratory, speech and physical therapy, laboratory tests, and physician fees. This list is not all inclusive of charges.

Leaving your hospital room

As a patient your plan of care is developed upon orders from your Physician for treatments, medications, and various examinations. it is necessary that these activities be scheduled within a specific time frame.

If you are ambulatory and wish to leave your room for any reason other than treatments or examinations you are requested to inform your nurse of your whereabouts before leaving the room in order that your treatment schedule not be interrupted.

Maternity Patients

The medical record of all obstetrical patients shall be on file in the O.B. Department for immediate access by the staff upon the patient’s admission to the maternity department.


Do not bring your home medications with you to the hospital unless specifically requested by your physician.
A list of your current medications which you are taking with name, dose, and frequency is helpful when the physician is planning your care.

Your physician wil order any medications which you are to receive while you are hospitalized. Your nurse will administer your medication according to the Doctor’s orders.

Pediatric Patients

Pediatric patients twelve years of age or under will be required to have a family member present at all times.

Personal Electronic Equipment

Do not bring personal electrical equipment such as hair dryers shavers or radios to the Hospital. Under unusual circumstances an exception may be made by checking with your nurse and the Hospital Safety Officer.

Questions about your bill

If you foresee any problem in settling your account or if you have any questions about your bill, please feel free to call the Patient Accounts Representative at extension 537 or 539 in the insurance office of the Hospital. After discharge you may call 865-213-8537 or 865-213-8539 for information.


Sweetwater Hospital is a Smoke Free facility: smoking is permitted outside the hospital in designated smoking areas only.

Special Care Unit-ICU/CCU

Visitors are requested to obtain permission from the Nurse in charge before entering the Unit. Specific regulations are posted outside the area. All visitors are requested to observe the regulations out of concern for the patients.

Utilization Review

In response to Federal and state laws, Sweetwater Hospital has a Utilization Review Program to evaluate all patient needs for hospitalization where required for insurance purposes. The primary justification for hospital stay is based on the patient’s medical needs. If your Doctor, along with the Utilization Review Coordinator determines that your admission or continued stay cannot be justified, then your insurance coverage may not apply. Should this situation develop, you will be informed and given ample time for other arrangements to be made for your care. Medical information on each patient is maintained in the Health Information Management Department. Information contained in the records is divulged to no one without written consent of the patient and attending physician except when required by law.