Speech Language Pathology

We provide these services for inpatients, as well as outpatient adults. Depending on your level of impairment, emphasis may be on restoring function or on developing compensatory strategies.

Our Services at Speech Language Pathology:

  • Modified Barium Swallow Studies
  • Also known as Videofluoroscopic Swallowing Study (VFSS)
  • Alternative and Augmentative Evaluations and Therapy
  • Lee Silverman Voice Therapy (LSVT LOUD)
  • Vitalstim Dysphagia Therapy
  • Cognitive and Language Therapy for Acquired Communication Disorders,
    Ex. Stroke, trauma, or progressive neurological disorders
  • Head and neck cancer specific rehabilitation program
  • Dysarthria evaluations and therapy

Additional Information:

Speech-language pathology graduate students from the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center and externs from other graduate programs may participate in the provision of services under the supervision of staff as a part of their professional education.


Speech Language Pathology
304 Wright Street
Sweetwater, TN 37874

Fax: 865-213-8430
Phone: 865-213-8753


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