General Surgery

general surgery

General Surgery Overview

At Sweetwater Hospital Association, we offer tailored care for our patients in need of General Surgery. Our General Surgeons understand and have knowledge of the individualized processes needed for each surgical patient. The Sweetwater Hospital Association General Surgery offices offer an initial evaluation through preparation, procedure, and post-operative management.

What is a General Surgeon?

A general surgeon understands all nine basic areas of surgery, which are:

  • The digestive tract
  • The abdomen and its contents
  • The skin and soft tissue, including the breasts
  • The head and neck,
  • The blood vessels and heart
  • The endocrine system (hormones and glands)
  • Surgical treatment of cancer
  • Surgical management of traumatic injuries
  • Care of critically ill patients with surgical needs

Today, most general surgeons are familiar with minimally invasive techniques like laparoscopy and robotic laparoscopy. Laparoscopic surgeries involve much smaller tools, including tiny cameras that let the surgeon see what’s going on inside your body. These specialized instruments mean that the surgeon can make much smaller cuts than they would with traditional procedures.

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general surgery

What to Expect with a General Surgeon

When you visit with a general surgeon, they’ll evaluate you to make sure surgery is the right option for you. They’ll explain the procedure and answer your questions about the procedure.

Your surgeon will tell you how to prepare for the operation, including:

  • Whether you need to take any tests
  • If you need to take or stop taking any medications
  • If you have to stop eating or drinking before the procedure

Your surgeon will also explain what to expect during your recovery. If your surgery requires a hospital stay, they should tell you how long you can expect to be in the hospital and what you will need once you go home.

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