Price Information

Price Information

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) require hospitals to post a listing of their “standard charges” on their websites. Sweetwater Hospital Association has therefore posted our hospital “standard charge” listing through the link (below) on our website.

The amounts on the “standard charge” listing are the gross charges for a medical service or procedure. They are not the amounts you will be expected to pay. Patients’ actual costs are determined by the price agreements between Sweetwater Hospital Association and insurance companies along with the patients’ health plan benefits. For uninsured patients, Sweetwater Hospital Association discounts charges to comply with state and federal requirements.

The actual cost of care may vary based on the procedure and the health status of the individual patient. Additionally, the prices shown only apply to hospital charges and do not include physician charges and other charges beyond the actual hospital charges.

View Sweetwater Hospital Association’s “standard charge” listing(csv)
View Sweetwater Hospital Assocation's "standard charge" listing(txt)

Hospitals must also make public their “standard charges” for each diagnosis-related group (DRG). Prospective payment rates based on DRGs are the basis of Sweetwater Hospital Association’s inpatient reimbursement by most governmental and commercial payers. DRGs are linked to payment rates established by governmental payers’ fee schedules or in contractual agreements between commercial payers and Sweetwater Hospital Association.

The link below provides a listing of DRG descriptions along with their average charges and payer specific negotiated rates.

View a listing of DRG descriptions along with their average charges

The information provided in the above links is for informational purposes only. If you would like an estimate of your charges for an upcoming procedure, please contact our Business Office at (865) 213-8401, or select the link below:

Price Estimator