Ambulatory Surgery

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Ambulatory Surgery Overview

At Sweetwater Hospital Association, we offer tailored care for our same day surgery patients. Without being admitted into the hospital, Sweetwater Hospital Association ambulatory surgery offers minimally invasive surgery and outpatient surgery. Our surgeons understand and have knowledge of the individualized processes needed for each surgical patient and their offices offer an initial evaluation through preparation, procedure, and post-operative management.

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What is Ambulatory Surgery?

Ambulatory surgery centers are free-standing facilities with operating rooms, but they are not hospitals. These centers perform procedures that allow the patient to recover at home once anesthesia has worn off and the patient is able to care for themselves with minimal assistance.

Patients with complications that required hospitalization would be transferred to another facility for treatment when it becomes clear that they need a higher level of care. If a patient is unexpectedly too sick to go home after surgery they can transfer to the hospital for admission and care overnight or longer, depending on the patient’s needs.

Ambulatory surgery centers typically have a relationship with at least one hospital in the community where a patient can be transferred if complications arise during the procedure or during the hours after the surgery.


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