Preparing for a Hospital Visit

A hospital stay is very daunting and can be scary.  There are ways to reduce stress and discomfort through finding out what the expectations are and preparing before you arrive. Sweetwater Hospital wants each patient and their families to know what to expect. Below is a list of questions and answers that may help you if you are having surgery or are staying at Sweetwater Hospital Association overnight. As always you can contact us with any additional questions that you or your family may have.

Are you getting ready to:

  • Stay overnight in the hospital?
  • To have surgery?
  1. Where is patient check in?

Patient check in is through the main entrance of Sweetwater Hospital. You will see the registration desk as you enter the hospital. There, they will give you appropriate admission and check-in instructions.

  • How do I get to Sweetwater Hospital Association?

You can find the map of how to get to SHA here.

  • Is pre-admission testing (PAT) required prior to my particular surgery?

You are asked and encouraged to complete any recommended pre-admission testing before your surgery. Your physician will order specific tests based on the procedure, your age and medical condition. PAT typically take less than an hour and ensures you and your doctor are both prepared.  These tests may include but are not limited to:

Blood tests
Urine test
Chest x-ray

  • Do I need to stop taking any certain medications before surgery?

Please consult with your physician prior to the surgery for directions from their office about any medication changes.

  • What should I do if I get sick before I have surgery?

If you have a fever that lasts more than 24 hours, or if you’re experiencing flu-like symptoms, contact your doctor for recommendations.

  • Who will I need to get in touch with if I have to cancel any procedure/surgery?

If you need to cancel surgery or any procedures, please contact your doctors office immediately.

  • Will I be able to drive home after surgery?

No, you won’t be allowed to drive following surgery. Please make arrangements for a ride home with a responsible adult. You won’t be permitted to drive the day of surgery, and you’ll need your doctor’s clearance before driving again.

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